Recreational Boats

Available to members for use on the canals.

Available to non- members at a rental fee: Single Kayak R200/hr , Double Kayak R250/hr (Indemnity Form to be signed before using}

Life Jackets and paddles are available




Left : Double, can take 3 persons at a squeeze  Right : Single




Due to the bulkiness and weight of these boats the club has provided a portable transport system called a “dolly”

It is provided with a locking cable in order to secure the dolly whilst on the water . Below are some pics that will assist with its useage.

  1. The Dolly                     2.Coded locking device     3.Dolly strapped on under boat 4. Walking the boat to jetty

20170112_142210_800_45020170112_142225_800_450  20170112_142649(1)_800_450           20170112_142903_800_450








5. Secure dolly whilst on the water  6. Push dolly over the edge after securing (less conspicuous )









Can manage extra load.







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