Club Facilities

1. We have access to the communal Club House which we share with the Running Club and Standup Paddlers.

2. The Club provides secure boat storage to members with access 24hrs a day.

3. The Club has well maintained changing rooms for ladies and men.

4. There are approximately 7km of  waterways that are well maintained and natural ground water that is closely monitored by the Century City property Owners Association in order to maintain a quality level fit for recreational sports.

5. The environment is safe with Security based in the same block as the Club.

6. The Club has a resident qualified coach to assist with your paddling in any way.i.e technique

7. The environment lends itself to a relaxed and stressless getaway for the family with walks along the canal as an alternative.

8. Club has a trailor for the transport of up to 20 boats and is regularly used during the Kayak season for tripping on the river.

9. During the kayak season (March-November) regular Time Trials are held under the “banner”  of a Club Night when we get together as a club with a budget meal available in the Club House.

10 The Club has a whatsapp group for the majority of its communication with Coaches using sub groups for group coaching .i.e. Intro Paddling grp. Novice paddling grp. Intermediate paddling grp. Elite paddling Grp