Summer Series Time Trial Results – 1/11/2018

10 boats  10 paddlers , 1 swimmer, 1 timekeeper , 2 spectators.

Wow , what a windy affair . A resilient bunch of paddlers pitched to take on the wind on a relevantly weed free waterway. Thanks to CCPOA for doing a manual cleanup of weed for this event with both their weed cutters out of action.

The times were slowerer than usual due to the conditions although Guy Pike was able to hang onto Andre with much huffing and puffing to record a great time. Greatstuff

Good to see Francois back in the saddle and slogging it out to complete a Time trial . His first in a while .

An amusing story from one of our novice paddlers , no names mentioned,

Whilst paddling around Intaka in front of the Knights Bridge block of apartments the said novice paddler’s paddle caught on some weed causing a capsize . The nearest jetty was the weedcutters jetty which is higher than the normal jetty , which presented quite a challenge to mount . With a bit of a struggle and much cursing the boat was emptied and a remount attempted only to once again tip over and swim , and the paddler had to start all over with the process of a difficult remount.

Eveeeentually a successful remount was achieved and the the paddler slowly paddled off only to hear clapping and cheering coming from the many Knights Bridge balconies . Eish , that feeling of wanting to ……………!!

I’m sure there are many similar stories that can be told by our paddlers and maybe future newsletters can relate some of these, as we have all had these harrowing experiences which is all part of growing as a paddler..

10km Time Trial Results  Time Keeper : Colin McClement

1. Tom Thring  55:27

2. Gareth Pinkney  55:28

3.  Andre hawarden  56:45

4.  Guy Pike  56:46

5.  John Joshua  59:58

6.  Gavin Finch  59:59

7.  Mike rapson  60:20

8.  Mike Monson  60:55

9.  Francois Sisam  63:12

10.  Manfred hanni  64:45

Chairman :Gavin White, Vice Chairman : John De Villiers Secretary :Colin Mc Clement, Treasurer :John De Villiers, Club Captain : Francois Sisam, , Communications, Social Media : Anneli Wiese , Rack Manager : Crispin Thompson, Registration Officer : Basil Watson, Coach : Richard Kohler, Events Manager: Denver Knoetzen