TT Results – 14/6/2016

The brave hearts were out there with a downpour just before the start and stories of how warm and pleasant it was out there. (Yeaaah right !) Some well known names were missing . Mmmmmmmm!. Pierre-Andre put his family to the test and their time tells the story.

Richard  Kohler is on a role and rumour has it he will be attending the World Champs in Germany in the Sub Masters category. It would be great to have a Century City Canoe Club representative at the World Champs . lets wait and see.

Great to have Crispin and Lynda Thompson join us around the dinner table last night for a great plate of curry and rice.


  1. Gavin White 48.27
  2. Rich Kohler 48.51
  3. Eugene vd Westhuizen 49.07
  4. John De Villiers 49.29
  5. Matt Anderson 54.53
  6. Gareth Pinkney 54.58
  7. Pierre Andre Rabie & co K3  55.09
  8. Bryan Allott 55.14
  9. Ralph Teulings 58.39
  10. Gavin Finch 58.40
  11. Mike Monson 59.52
  12. Denver Knoetzen 60.41
  13. Francois Sisam 60.42
Chairman :Gavin White, Vice Chairman : John De Villiers Secretary :Colin Mc Clement, Treasurer :John De Villiers, Club Captain : Francois Sisam, , Communications, Social Media : Anneli Wiese , Rack Manager : Crispin Thompson, Registration Officer : Basil Watson, Coach : Richard Kohler, Events Manager: Denver Knoetzen