TT Results – 24/5/2016


A magnificent evening on the Wetlands/Moat/Ditch/Channels/Hornwort/Pond Scum/Canals. Windguru predictions were 100% correct with not a breath of wind , just the reflections of the surrounds glistening on the water.

There were some PBs and first timers with Mike Keth doing his first 10km time trial and Evelyn Mervine improving on her previous time quite dramatically and Chris Garrow doing a PB . Great to see Richard Allen the Milnerton CC Chairman on our waters.

Gavin White was presented with a STARSKY sponsored flotation jacket at the social.

A delicious meal was supplied by Diva which went down very well with all.

10km Results

  1. Gavin White  47:15
  2. Richard Allen/Richard Kohler  47:56
  3.  John De Villiers 51:13
  4. Richard Mudd 51:24
  5. Gareth Pinkney 54:28
  6. Mike Monson/Gavin Finch 54:32
  7. Greg Branfield 56:18
  8. Chris garrow 56:25  PB
  9. Ralph Teulings 59:44
  10. Francois Sisam 59:46
  11. Russel Toohey 62:13
  12. Evelyn Mervine 67:21
  13. Mike Keth 67:54

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  1. Christopher | May 25, 2016 at 1:56 pm

    Thanks for the slip Greg!

Chairman :Gavin White, Vice Chairman : John De Villiers Secretary :Colin Mc Clement, Treasurer :John De Villiers, Club Captain : Francois Sisam, , Communications, Social Media : Anneli Wiese , Rack Manager : Crispin Thompson, Registration Officer : Basil Watson, Coach : Richard Kohler, Events Manager: Denver Knoetzen