TT Results – 5/4/2016

The chill is in the air and winter is on its way , but still that damn cold South Easter persists.Good to see our novices were back for more punishment in a K3 under the captaincy of Basil .

Good to see Balu and Kristjina Magyar out there on the short course. We need more juniors out there to keep him company.

Gavin White was out there on his own once again powering his way around the course with the Bumble Bee k3 captained by Pierre Andre Rabie thundering along behind him with Richard Kohler hanging onto the slip.

.Denver clocked his PB that he has been stressing about for some time now. Greatstuff.

The future plan is to have a portage stretch for those planning to do some marathon training for the upcoming championships.

10km Results

  1. Gavin White  47:32
  2. Pierre Andre Rabie/Gareth Pinkney, Francoise Sisam  50:31
  3. Richard Kohler  50:33
  4. John De Villiers  53:56
  5. dave Allott  55:58
  6. Gavin Finch  55:59
  7. Greg Branfield  57:42
  8. Denver Knoetzen  58:54  PB
  9. Colin McClement  59:17
  10. Russel Toohey  102:30
  11. Melissa King  `102:53
  12. Basil Watson/Brigette Cohen/Evelyn Mervine  105:37


  1. Balu Magyar/Kristjina Magyar  29:20

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  1. Century City Canoe Club | April 6, 2016 at 11:14 am

    Oops , Bryan has all of a sudden become Dave.Error.

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