Summer Series Time Trial Results – 1/11/2018

10 boats  10 paddlers , 1 swimmer, 1 timekeeper , 2 spectators.

Wow , what a windy affair . A resilient bunch of paddlers pitched to take on the wind on a relevantly weed free waterway. Thanks to CCPOA for doing a manual cleanup of weed for this event with both their weed cutters out of action.

The times were slowerer than usual due to the conditions although Guy Pike was able to hang onto Andre with much huffing and puffing to record a great time. Greatstuff

Good to see Francois back in the saddle and slogging it out to complete a Time trial . His first in a while .

An amusing story from one of our novice paddlers , no names mentioned,

Whilst paddling around Intaka in front of the Knights Bridge block of apartments the said novice paddler’s paddle caught on some weed causing a capsize . The nearest jetty was the weedcutters jetty which is higher than the normal jetty , which presented quite a challenge to mount . With a bit of a struggle and much cursing the boat was emptied and a remount attempted only to once again tip over and swim , and the paddler had to start all over with the process of a difficult remount.

Eveeeentually a successful remount was achieved and the the paddler slowly paddled off only to hear clapping and cheering coming from the many Knights Bridge balconies . Eish , that feeling of wanting to ……………!!

I’m sure there are many similar stories that can be told by our paddlers and maybe future newsletters can relate some of these, as we have all had these harrowing experiences which is all part of growing as a paddler..

10km Time Trial Results  Time Keeper : Colin McClement

1. Tom Thring  55:27

2. Gareth Pinkney  55:28

3.  Andre hawarden  56:45

4.  Guy Pike  56:46

5.  John Joshua  59:58

6.  Gavin Finch  59:59

7.  Mike rapson  60:20

8.  Mike Monson  60:55

9.  Francois Sisam  63:12

10.  Manfred hanni  64:45

TT Results-2/10/2018

7 boats 7 paddlers

A battle against the South Easter was the challenge . Richard Mudd and John De Villiers pulled away from the field and had to work hard for their 51 minutes .

And now its off to the Fish to round off the Kayak season.

Thanks to Diva Cuisine for their classy meals that were consistently delicious .

Hope to see you all at the Summer Series starting the 1st November with a Bring and Braai with the salads and fire being sponsored by CCCC.


10km Results  Time Keeper  John Joshua.

1.  Richard Mudd  51:38

2.  John De Villiers  5`1:39

3.  Andre Hawarden  56:29

4.  Guy Pike  58:04

5.  Mike Rapson  60:14

6.  Gavin Finch  60:15

7.  Manfred Hanni  60:23




TT Results – 25/9/2018

7 boats 8 paddlers.

Tough conditions with a blustery North Wester . The good news is that we had WEED FREE canals as promised by CCPOA and, and hot showers.

Welcome to Jordan Zeelie for his first time on the canals. Hope to see you in the future.Guy Pike , John Joshua and Manfred Hanni look ready to take on the Fish with all the advice being shared around the bar counter.

Next week is our final winter time trial and from November on we will commence with our summer series which will happen on a Thursday so as not to clash with the Downwind Dash Series which will happen on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. These dates are still to be confirmed .

Training on the Canals will continue on a Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday . These sessions will be communicated via our whatsapp group on an ongoing basis.

10KM Results

  1. Jordan Zeelie  50:12
  2. Richard Mudd  50:13
  3. John De Villiers  53:00
  4. John Joshua/Manfred Hanni  56:34
  5. Guy Pike  56:35
  6. Mike Monson  59:58
  7. Gavin Finch/Colin McClement  59:59

TT Results – 18/9/2018

12 boats, 13 paddlers, 1 PB, 1 PW

Canals are still shallow and weedy . This did not stop Tom Thring from coming hame with a PB by 2 seconds on his previous best. Greatstuff. John Standley battled with a “dead leg”.

Great to see Marc Gevers back on the water even tough we had to tempt him with beef curry which turned out to be chicken curry. He vowed to be back.

Also great to see Anneli back on our waters . Greatstuff.

10km Results  Time keepers : Colin Mc Clement , Francois Sisam

1.  John De Villiers  51:25

2.  Tom Thring  51:26 PB

3. Gareth Pinkney  55:08

4.  John Standley  55:09 ( dead leg)

5.  Andre Hawarden  56:37  PW

6.  John Joshua/Manfred Hanni  56:57

7.  Guy Pike  58:43

8.  Mike Monson  58:46

9.  Marc Gevers  61:30

10.  Gavin Finch  61:31

6km Results

  1. JP Thorne  37:34
  2.   Anneli Wiese  55: (seat malfunction)


TT Results – 11/9/2018

A small committed field and a PB for Tim Fey. Worth celebrating around the supper table.


10km Results


1. John De Villiers  52:00

2. Richard Mudd  52:01

3.  Tim Fey  52:43

4. Tom Thring  52:44

5. Robin Tindall  53:33

6.  John Standley  53:33

7. John Joshua  59:24

8. Mike Monson  62:01

9. Jurie Swart  62:01

TT Results – 4/9/2018


6 boats 6 paddlers

A blustery North Wester with a heavy downpour greeted this hardcore bunch of paddlers.

They redefined the term HTFU in these extreme conditions. Not even a timekeeper to keep them company. XHTFU would be a suitable description.

A great chicken pie was served up by Diva Cuisine.


10km results

1. Tom Thring  54:03

2.  Gareth Pinkney  57:34

3. Guy Pike  57:37

4.  Andre Hawarden  62:30

5.  John Joshua  62:31

6.  Manfred Habnni  63:30

TT Results – 28/8/2018

10 boats 10 paddlers

John De Villiers and Richard Mudd battled it out up front with John ending strongly. We wish John well for his trip to the World Marathon Champs in Portugal.

A small turnout due to the weekends racing.

A little about some stats on the weekends race . 17 century City paddlers took part and we had 5 podium positions . A just reward for plenty of hours of hard training . Weldone to all.

10km Results  Time Keeper : Gavin White

1. John De Villiers  50:41

2. Richard Mudd  50:49

3.  Tom Thring  52:54

4.  Gareth Pinkney  52:55

5. John Joshua  57:27

6.  Andre Hawarden  57:31

7.  Guy Pike  59:53

8.  Mike Monson  63:21


6Km Results

  1. Francois  Sisam  38:40
  2. Manfred Hanni  38:41

TT Results – 21/8/2018

10 boats, 13 paddlers

Robin Tindall and John Standley worked with John De Villiers up front on the shallower canals to break the 50min mark. Hard work to say the least. The exposed grass was a problem for the paddle but not the nose of the boat. Not as bad as anticipated was the comment.

Great vibe around the fire and the winner of the togbag Manfred Hanni felt his K2 driver deserved his spot prize . Damn fine gesture.

10km Results  Timekeeper  Meent Bekker

  1.  Robin Tindall ?John Standley  49:23
  2. John De Villiers  49:24
  3. Tom Thring  54:03
  4. Andre Hawarden  55:30
  5. Gareth Pinkney / Francois Sisam  56:15
  6. Mike Rapson/Manfred Hanni  56:37
  7. Guy Pike  58:53
  8. John Joshua/59:29 (Late start)
  1. Gavin Finch  DNF
  2. Russel Toohey  DNF
  3. Mike Monson DNS

TT Results – 14/8/2018

11 boats, 15 paddlers, 2 timekeepers, 2 spectators.

10km Results timekeepers : Tim Fey, Richard Kohler


  1.  Eugene vd Westhuizen  48:27
  2. Ribin Tindall/John Standley  48:29
  3. Gareth Pinkney/Francois Sisam  53:31
  4. Tom Thring  53:32
  5. Augustyn Brothers  56:05
  6.  Darren Sturgess/Christina Germont  56:09
  7.  Andre Hawarden  56:22
  8. Mike Rapson  57:21
  9. Guy pike  58:05
  10. John Joshua  58:05
  11. Mike Monson  62:26

TT Results – 7/8/2018

19 boats , 24 paddlers, 2 DNS

Great to see our neighbouring Club (Milnerton CC) join our Time trial. It made for some great diamond work and great times. .

Gavin White clocked the fastest time this season pipping the Richards Kohler and Allen’s boat . Crispin and Bianca were just off their slip in the last lap. Denver and De Villiers had a great paddle working with Eugene and Richard Mudd.

Active paddling members were presented with the new Club vest .Kindly sponsored by Century City Property Owners Association. Hopefully members will proudly wear our colours when participating in flat water races where PFDs are not required.

The togbag spot prize was won by Guy Pike . Every week we will be spot prizing a long sleeve club top or a togbag . This is besides the Captains bar voucher award(R80) and a random draw spot prize .(R80).

Great atmosphere afterwards in the Club House with a great meal being served.

10km Results  Time Keeping – Colin Mc Clement

1.  Gavin White  45:40

2. Richard Kohler/Richard Allen  45:41

3. Crispin Thompson/Bianca Beavitt  45:56

4. Daan Du Toit  49:05

5. Eugene vd Westhuizen  49:59

6. Denver Knoetzen/John De Villiers  50:00

7. Richard Mudd  50:02

8. Robin Tindall  52:48

9. Tom Thring  52:50

10. Robin Henderson/Lisa Scott  53:45

11. Gareth Pinkney  54:39

12.  Tim Fey  55:28

13. Darren Sturgess/Christina Germont  56:05

14. Guy Pike  56:30

15. Mike Rapson  57:34

16. Gavin Finch  61:35

17. Manfred Hanni  61:36