TT Results-2/10/2018

7 boats 7 paddlers

A battle against the South Easter was the challenge . Richard Mudd and John De Villiers pulled away from the field and had to work hard for their 51 minutes .

And now its off to the Fish to round off the Kayak season.

Thanks to Diva Cuisine for their classy meals that were consistently delicious .

Hope to see you all at the Summer Series starting the 1st November with a Bring and Braai with the salads and fire being sponsored by CCCC.


10km Results  Time Keeper  John Joshua.

1.  Richard Mudd  51:38

2.  John De Villiers  5`1:39

3.  Andre Hawarden  56:29

4.  Guy Pike  58:04

5.  Mike Rapson  60:14

6.  Gavin Finch  60:15

7.  Manfred Hanni  60:23




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