TT Results – 25/9/2018

7 boats 8 paddlers.

Tough conditions with a blustery North Wester . The good news is that we had WEED FREE canals as promised by CCPOA and, and hot showers.

Welcome to Jordan Zeelie for his first time on the canals. Hope to see you in the future.Guy Pike , John Joshua and Manfred Hanni look ready to take on the Fish with all the advice being shared around the bar counter.

Next week is our final winter time trial and from November on we will commence with our summer series which will happen on a Thursday so as not to clash with the Downwind Dash Series which will happen on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. These dates are still to be confirmed .

Training on the Canals will continue on a Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday . These sessions will be communicated via our whatsapp group on an ongoing basis.

10KM Results

  1. Jordan Zeelie  50:12
  2. Richard Mudd  50:13
  3. John De Villiers  53:00
  4. John Joshua/Manfred Hanni  56:34
  5. Guy Pike  56:35
  6. Mike Monson  59:58
  7. Gavin Finch/Colin McClement  59:59

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