TT Results – 24/7/2018

5 boats 6 paddlers 4 spectators/time keepers Time Trial attendance can only improve from here on. With the 10km WP K2 Champs , Greg Davies Memorial paddle at Peninsula CC , illness and who knows what, took its toll on the turnout . 10km Results  Time Keeper : Guy Pike  Gavin White  49:05  Eugene vd […]

TT Results – 10/7/2018

6 boats 8 paddlers A small field of non-Bergie paddlers kept the home fires burning with Eugene van der Westhuizen making his presence felt with Tom Thring hanging onto his slip for a lap and the Kaptein’s K3 following . 10km Results Time Keeper  Colin McClement Eugene vd Westhuizen  50:14  Tom Thring  52:54 Francios Sisam/John […]

TT Results – 3/6/2018

13 paddlers ,11 Time Trialers, 1 PB, 1 swimmer, 1 time keeper, 3 race officials A perfect evening with John De Villiers and Gavin White working together on the first 2 laps then Gavin put down the hammer and powered home . Michael rapson hung on to Andre to come over the line with a […]