TT Results – 24/5/2016

  A magnificent evening on the Wetlands/Moat/Ditch/Channels/Hornwort/Pond Scum/Canals. Windguru predictions were 100% correct with not a breath of wind , just the reflections of the surrounds glistening on the water. There were some PBs and first timers with Mike Keth doing his first 10km time trial and Evelyn Mervine improving on her previous time quite […]

Paarl to Skooltjie Race Results

Paarl – Skooltjie 2016 Pos Name1 Surname1 Club1 TotalTime Sex Age Index 1 SIMON VAN GYSEN PEN  1:49:10.68 M1 1 108.76 2 GAVIN WHITE CTY  1:55:30.31 M2 2 115.06 3 JERMAINE PIETERSEN PRL  1:59:55.72 M3 3 119.47 4 IAN BLACK PEN  2:00:35.67 M4 4 120.13 5 MICHAEL WATSON PRL  2:04:40.15 M5 5 124.19 6 SHAUN […]

TT Results – 17/5/2016

Mmmmmm what went wrong at the start. Who did what???  What happens on the water stays on the water I guess. Great to see Ernes Van Riet on the water , although its not his first time at Century City. Evelyn Mervine completed her first 10km time trial. Scheepers Schoeman made an appearance for the […]

2 New Recreational Boats

Good news for our members . We have purchased 2 new single recreational boats for all our members to use on the canals. They are extremely stable and robust and ideal for family use and introducing folk to paddling . Safety precautions must be applied at all times. i.e life jackets .

TT Results – 10/5/2016

Perfect conditions welcomed Tallon Denovan back on the water after  his paddling sabatical. John De Villiers broke the 50 min barrier with the help of Pierre Andre Rabie. Brigett completed her first 5km time trial with Balu leading the way. The flu bug seems to be taking its toll on the numbers with a couple […]

ADT Marina Da Gama Race Results

ADT Marina da Gama 2016 Pos Name1 Surname1 Club1 TotalTime Sex Age Index 1 JASPER MOCKE PEN 1:12:32.92 M1 1 102.27 2 GRAEME SOLOMON PEN 1:15:52.68 M2 (V)1 106.96 3 ULVARD HART PEN 1:17:13.39 M3 (U16)1 108.86 4 ZACHERY PREYSER PEN 1:17:17.31 M4 (U18)1 108.95 5 EDGAR (JNR) BOEHM PEN 1:17:39.65 M5 (SV)1 109.47 6 […]

TT Results – 3/5/2016

14 paddlers on the water and the times tell the tale of a long weekend well spent. 10km  Gavin White  51:15   Richard Mudd    51:16 John De Villiers  52:46 gareth Pinkney  54:36 Gavin Finch  54:37 Pierre – Andre Rabie and Co  57:10 Chris garrow  58:43 Ralph Teulings  58:45 Greg Branfield  60:21  late start 5km  Balu […]