Your New Committee for 2016/2017

Committee of 2016 L to R : Denver Knoetzen (Rack manager & and Events Manager) , Evelyn Mervine  (Secretary) Colin McClement (Communications) Francoise Sisam ( Club Captain) Alan Liebenberg ( CCPOA Waterways Manager) Richard Kohler  ( Chairman) Gavin Finch ( Treasurer) Basil Watson ( Registration Officer) Richard reflected on the past year with challenges and […]

TT Results – 30/3/2016

With the approaching storm some paddlers took to the option of jumping in a K3 and escorting novices on their first 10km Time trial . This is a nice manner in which to introduce paddlers to their first Time trial. gavin White was out there challenging himself  and even with a swim did a cracking […]

TT Results – 22/3/2016

The field was small with paddlers seemingly ,slowly getting their motivation into gear, except Gavin “Thunderbolt”  White who flew around the course as if there were no grass and the canals were deep. Good to see Teulings back on the water, no doubt the slow prep for his annual Berg River Challenge. Some patches of […]